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Industrial Shed

The design of industrial shed of any kind, by decades is in the activities of SMEA Engineering, who has been working with some of the most important subjects in the Italian and international industry.
A shed can be used in a variety of purposes, such as production, materials storage, logistics, administrative tasks, and so on, but for the result to be satisfactory and actually functional, it must be studied with care from the origin starting from the design. It is in design that SMEA Engineering can provide a high added value, thanks to the experience of professionals who have been working in that industry for decades with passion to provide customized and quality solutions.
The industrial buildings must be thought as real organisms, namely a set of components related to each other in complete harmony with the architectural and structural characteristics of the building, which therefore needs to respond to customer requirements in a single block as much versatile as possible. All this starts with the design: you meet the client, you analyze needs, space, resources, and try to process everything planning a building in line with the requests.
Nowadays an industrial shed is no longer a simple cover to protect from weathering: it is a structure that combine power (energy recovery systems), aesthetic (think about the difficulties of industrial facilities to integrate in natural environments) insulation, compliance with regulatory requirements etc. with a low environmental impact. These are all elements to be designed and implemented in harmony one with the other. Not only, industrial buildings have completely different needs from those of the administrative and commercial sectors: the first will require functional environments that revolve around ease of use, the latter will focus more on the image preferring a clean and professional environment.


The solution of prefabricated sheds is becoming increasingly popular also in industry. In situations where context adapting measures are not necessary, prefabricated sheds allow lower prices and at the same time shorter implementation timelines favored by the standardization of production processes.
One of the criticisms of this type of construction is the duration, but it must be said that this is strongly correlated with the used materials and the environment in which the property is located: it is therefore important to use quality raw materials in the construction. Particular attention should be paid to the smog, which often proves to be an enemy of prefabricated: in this case, you should use an anti-pollution concrete, where the compound is reinforced with steel bars, which increase significantly the duration without sacrificing the minimum flexibility that the structure must have for a longer resistance.


When it comes to logistics and production, optimization is the buzzword. These are two areas where is the practical side to act as a master, and where the working environment is designed only to facilitate the manual and the mechanical work, without sacrificing security and compliance regulations. Hence, in this context the sheds designers and manufacturers must be prepared to offer a broad, pleasant impact and tailor made product.
In order to reduce production and handling costs, is ideal to have already a fairly detailed idea of the process that will take place within the industrial building, in order to prepare the structure in this direction, from the design up to the building construction. When is possible, you implement a shed of the right size, possibly already prepared for future changes difficult to be foreseen during the construction. In this way, all the processes are perfectly integrated one with the other, this reduce waste and consequently production costs, maximizing profit and avoiding costly subsequent modification.
It is finally to be taken into account, although we are talking about sheds intended for production activities, the aesthetic component of the infrastructure. The problem arises especially when the sheds are built in areas where they can have an unpleasant visual impact; think for example at mountain valleys or neighborhoods close to residential areas.

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